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Friend, Father, Business Associate, Strategic Partner


Greetings, and THANK YOU for coming to this page !

My name is Muhammad Mahdi …
and in the next few moments, I hope to share with you some information that will be valuable to our growing relationship.
My story is not too different from yours.

I was raised and educated in Chicago …
I obtained an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, then went on to further my studies in graduate Pharmacy Sciences at Mercer University in Atlanta.

After receiving an advanced Degree and Professional License as a Pharmacist, I settled in Atlanta and continued a career as a HealthCare Professional for 20+ years.

Pharmacy provided a good salary to afford a very comfortable living, but I wanted to travel, add to my life experiences by persuing other interests ….

I ran into a brick wall with inflexible schedules, and upper management that was un-accomodating with regards to my requests for off-time and “vacations”.

Early on, I began asking myself … “Am I living at my highest potential?”
The answer came back a resounding … NO!

Watch this video:

You see, I strongly believe that you and I are worth a lot more than what corporations are willing to pay us in salary. We are worth more to our families …are’nt we?

Are we not worth more to our communities, and the special projects that we hold dear?
Don’t we deserve to give to the world the potential that lies inside of us?
Are we worth more to ourselves?

Don’t we have an OBLIGATION to prove to ourselves exactly how much worth we can deliver to the marketplace?

Dear Friends, no one is capable nor willing to PROVE your true worth, more than you or me.

So, in January 2009, I made a serious effort to begin educating myself on options that would allow me to preserve and perhaps improve my standard of living, while at the same time FREE-ME-UP … to persue those areas of LIFE that are most important to me.

What kept coming back to me … was that I NEEDED TO DEVELOP A RESIDUAL INCOME STREAM!

In my studies, I came across a phenomenal mentor ….Jim Rohn … who counselled,

“if you would work harder on your selves than you do on your job, then ANY amount of financial success in possible!

This has led me on a path of personal evolution, and discovery …
and now I bring you the results of several years of research.
Only our circumstances are different, dear friend.

You are here… on this site…
because we are two kindred souls on the same path of development and enlightenment.

Muhammad Mahdi is someone who has paid the dues, gleened the mentorship, and who now comes back to light the path for anyone who believes that RESIDUAL INCOME is not exclusive to authors and entertainers.

Muhammad Mahdi believes, has proof, and has a simple formula to show you that :
1 – Residual Income is the “DOOR” to wealth.
2 – Relationships are the “keys” to unlock that door.

The Internet serves as a wonderful tool that can leverage anyone to build global relationships faster.

With internet tools, and proper training, even a new user can be shown how to deliver value and organize a global TEAM of committed partners who can accelerate the growth and success of every member of that TEAM !
That is one of the the goals of my relationship with you!

Through this website and our FaceBook Pages, we intend to provide you with the tools and strategies that will help you build your TEAM … and accelerate your TEAM towards the “break-free income” that you deserve!

My Objective is to Empower You … and I am very excited that you are connecting with me here.

“MentorwithMahdi.com”  has been developed to give the neophyte, as well as the experienced networking professional … practical advice and systems to help you build a powerful Global Wealth Network.

Let’s look for ways that we can support each other in mutual growth !


Muhammad Mahdi
Global Wealth Networks

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