Here, at MentorWithMahdi, we provide Entrepreneurs with information on how they can BUILD GLOBAL TEAMS for the distribution of products and services around the world.

Distribution is a “science” as well as a business model.

The science of generating income, begins with discovery of a “need” …
then assesing what products/resources can be offered, to fulfill that need … at a reasonable price.

The Chart that we’ve displayed above, serves as a “VISUAL GUIDEPOST
to give you insight  into the questions you should be asking yourself, if you’re thinking about generating income outside of a “job”.

(1)  We begin with “The Value Proposition”.
Everything begins with discovery of a “need”.

(2) Then, we assess the “Resources” to fulfill that need.

(3) Then, the “activities” necessary to deliver those resources, through a set of processes that deliver  the solution, AND …
an enjoyable experience to the end-user.



We fully encourage and support Network Distribution as the Global Business Model for the 21st Century.

Please go back up to the “title bar” on this page, hover your mouse over “business model”, and drop down to the page titled “Network Distribution” for more detail on this Fantastic way to increase your wealth … while empowering others with economic opportunity.

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