Network Distribution

Network Distribution…. Business of Choice for Global Professionals

Network Distribution is the “New Global Business Model” for the 21st Century …..and beyond.

We call it a “NewSchool Business” … because this business model allows you to partner with an existing company that has a product or service … and organize a TEAM around the global distribution of that company’s products/services…. and if you control the flow of goods and services in the marketplace … you can be rewarded in income without limits.

Network Distribution is defined as …

“A Business Model where TEAMS of people organize the movement of product, and/or delivery of service … through a NETWORK of end-users.

Your “TEAM” consists of people that you choose from your own contacts, associates, and relations …that have demonstrated immense desire (just like you) to build economic stability for their famlies … while also
empowering others with opportunity.

Commissions are awarded to the person who directly registers a new client to the company’s product/service.

A “residual monthly commission” is also awarded for every instance that this new customer re-orders product or continues the subscription for service.

That “residual monthly commission” is generously paid, by the company, to the person responsible for the registration of this new customer/subscriber … but also to those TeamLeaders who are directly associated with the TeamMate who registers the new customer/subscriber.

There is tremendous incentive to theTeamLeader to assist in the development of his/her TEAM.
As the skill and productivity of the TEAM increases, the share of monthly commissions to the TeamLeader also increases.
This is WIN-WIN … positive thinking at it’s BEST !
The more you assist others in becoming successful, the greater your rewards..

The Power of this business is in …. \”Relationships\”


Why Network Distribution ROCKS
The chief advantage of Network Distribution is that instead of “pushing sales” of products/services to total strangers, we are able to select highly motivated people from among our contacts, associates, and relations who agree to be both “end-user” of the product/service … and simultaneously engage in the TeamBuidling process with their relations …to infinity.

This geometric “doubling” of the distribution TEAM by working within a “circle-of-influence” has allowed us to
witness the meteoric growth of some trends in the marketplace.

By choosing your Distribution TEAM from people that we already have a relationship with, we are able to provide the company with exactly what they want … a “loyal” customer.
And we, in return, have positioned ourselves and our people with COMMISSIONS … that are paid
weekly/monthly by the company … for establishing a “new customer” to their product/service offer.

This “Organized Distribution of Wealth” …is the most powerful principle of TeamBuilding.
It gives the participants the ability to “channel the flow of income” … to people of their own choosing.

The company serves as a “vehicle” for income building.
The REAL POWER and EMPHASIS … is in the global network of relationships that you and your TeamMembers
build, from your concerted organizing efforts.

Residual Income is Door to Wealth … Relationships are keys to the Door

Once you have built a small TEAM that understands “the science of RESIDUAL INCOME and Duplication … you
can then simple “scale-up” the size of your network into multiple countries.
Every productive member of your network will then see multiplication in the amount of their monthly income.

Network Distribution is the Global Business Model for the 21st Century …. and beyond.

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