Organize Your Time

The “80-10-10 Rule” can help you MASTER Time Management

Plan Your Day … In Advance


A mentor shared a “GEM” with me, to help me organize my time … and I would like to pass onto you. It’s called the “80-10-10” rule.

It will provide you an easily duplicable formula that you and every member of your growing organization can adopt, and adjust to your own personal “time challenges”, with maximum positive results.

The 80-10 -10 rule says that “a person must first DECIDE how much time they are willing/able to dedicate towards their business each week”.

So … if it’s 2 hours a day ….10 hours for the week … FINE
or …. if it’s 3 hours a day …. 15 hours for the week … FINE

In every case …80-10-10 works to your advantage.

80% of your “available time” will be put towards your main revenue producing activity. (Active LIVE Inviting)
That means via Live phonecall/skype call, or Live meeting either in person or via LIVE VIDEO connection.

10% … is “Organizing Your Office”.

10% … is “Organizing Your Time”.

For example, let’s say that you have DECIDED that you are going to dedicate 2 hours daily, 10 hours per week, towards building your business.

80% of each 2 hour daily biz commitment , is for RPAs. RPAs means “revenue producing activities”.
120min X 80% = 96 min (we will make it 90 minutes)

So … 90minutes each day must be spent engaged in LIVE inviting of your circle of influence (contacts, associates, relations) towards some future, webcast, or some immediately available information that will give the prospect more insight into your business offering.
This 80% is referred to as “Keeping The MAIN THING, The Main Thing” !!!

10% of each 2 hour daily commitment, is for “organizing your office”. 120mins X 10% = 12min (we make it 15mins)

So, 15 minutes of your time that is dedicated to your business, must be used to organize your prospect’s next
actitivities (mapping our what new information will be prepared for prospects and scheduling that next activity
with them).
This time is used to send out emails/post videos, Develop online/offline “Events”, and send notices.
These are all activities that “move-the-ball-down-the field”.

10% of each 2 hour daily committment, is for “organizing your Time”. 120mins X 10% = 12min (we make it 15mins) So , another 15 minutes of your time that is dedicated to your business, must be used for your own daily Personal Development. This is YOUR TIME … to sharpen YOU !!!Perfecting some aspect of your presentation. Reading great works from your favorite authors. (or audio)

I have used and passed this dynamic time management strategy with many people. All have come back and told me that they have increased their productivity in many other areas of their life …simply by using the 80-10-10 rule.

Put the “80-10-10” rule to work in your life and share it with your associates, and witness the positive effects that it will most certainly yield.

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