Organize Your Office

Organize Your Office … Mentally Accept Increases in Business

Professionals Plan and Anticipate Increase In Their Business

Organize Your Office … Prepare for Increased Activity

Give yourself one to two 30minute segments of your wakeful time … to organizing (setting up) your Revenue Producing Activites (RPAs) for the next day.

That’s Right … You Heard ME !

A fundamental step towards each of us having the rock-solid, consistent growth that you see among 5 and 6 figure monthly income earners … is taking a small measure of your time today ( one to two 30 minute segments daily) and organizing your office to prepare for increased activity … tomorrow.

This is not so much a list of “scheduling the times” …
It’s more a list of scheduling the actual type and quantity of activity.

– If you need to increase the quantity and quality of your relationships, how many new Facebook friend requests will you do today?
– What “groups” of “pages” in Facebook will those people come? Are you a member of those groups?
– If you’ve made new friend requests, who will you follow up with today, with an inbox message or a phonecall?
– Are you using any type of “lead funnel” that guides your people through a series of “steps” to ascertain their interest level in your offering? (your “SYSTEMS”)
– How many people will you introduce to your funnel today, and who are those specific people?
– Who has been through your funnel and is now ready for a 3-way call or some other form of 3rd party validation.

Ogranizing your Office …means taking a small portion of your wakeful time to schedule the revenue producing activities for tomorrow … that will make you a CHAMPION.

success to you,

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