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Gold is probably not part of your everyday conversation … and understandably so.

What Makes Gold So “Special”

It belongs to the “rare earth” family of precious metals, which means that this valuable substance is difficult to find and to excavate.
It is found in deposits called “mines” … deep beneath the earth’s crust

Gold has some pretty AMAZING properties.

Gold is a soft metal with a characteristic yellow colour.
Gold is six times more rare than platinum, and 18 times rarer than silver.

Gold is also very nearly impossible to destroy.
Unaffected by oxygen or hydrogen sulfide, gold cannot rust, tarnish or decay.
Gold can be buried benath the earth for thousands of years, or at the bottom of an ocean for centuries, and will still retain its glittering brilliance.

Nor will gold melt below 1063 degrees Celsius.
If your house comletely burned to the ground, that heat would not be sufficient to melt your gold.
Your gold would be completely UNAFFECTED !

Gold is chemically unreactive, meaning that very few other chemicals have ANY effect on destoying this metal.
It is largely inert, which means, gold is almost totally immune to decay.
Gold is ONLY dissolved by cyanide.

Most mined gold is stored as bullion.
It is also, however, used extensively in jewelry, either in its pure form or as an alloy.
The term ‘carat’ indicates the amount of gold present in an alloy.
24-carat is pure gold, but it is very soft.

Gold is ideal for protecting electrical copper components because it conducts electricity well and does not corrode.
Gold and silver are used in indusrial applications for electronic circuitry in computers and other devices.

Dentists sometimes use gold alloys in fillings, and a gold compound is used to treat some cases of arthritis.
Gold itself has antibacterial properties.
Both gold and silver compounds are sometimes used in hospital wound dressings to speed healing.

Ocean Seawater contains about 4 grams of gold in 1,000,000 tonnes of water.
(Bet you did’nt know that!)
Overall this is a huge amount of gold stored in the oceans, but because the concentration is so low, attempts to reclaim this gold have always failed.


True Global Wealth

Because of its rarity gold reliably imposes scarceness, which is what occasionally makes it useful as “money”.
Whether or not a physical manifestation of money, in the form of bullion …
is a desirable thing … is open to debate at any given time.

But if a monetary material of reliable scarceness is desirable then gold is still as appropriate as ever. The investment question concerning gold is not whether or not it reliably imposes scarceness, which it does, but whether or not such reliable scarceness will in the future be required by savers.

Because the significant majority of people FALSELY BELIEVE that our governments and our central banks have sufficient skill to manage the supply of currency, gold’s use as a monetary material has waned, especially over the last 70 years.

This is a regular pattern.
Gold will quietly slip into the background when paper money becomes widespread because, as the famous Gresham’s Law says “bad money drives good money out of circulation”.
That means, people are prone to buy and spend with currency of “weaker value”, before they ever use currency of “greater value”.

Why People “Own” Gold

The majority of private investors see gold as insurance against bad central-bank policy, high government spending, and financial instability.
Gold tends to appeal strongest when real returns on cash  and bonds (paper currency) are negative and falling, whether or not nominal interest rates are rising.

Prudent gold investors seek to pay the lowest costs to purchase gold of the “highest purity”, and are able to sell their gold quickly and easily for full value as circumstances change.

Gold is customarily “minted” in half-ounce, ounce, muliple-ounce, and kilogram denominations, for sale to private investors.

Enter “Karatbars” Gold Bullion

True Global Wealth

After the Economic crisis of 2008, the german entrepreneur Harald Seiz organized a network of professionals to find a solution against rising inflation and certain instabilities in paper currencies for his countrymen.

Mr. Seiz and his executive team quickly contracted a few “select” gold refineries to produce and mint gold bullion bars of the highest purity, in small, affordable, transaction friendly denominations.
This was the birth of Karatbars International.

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The Karatbars executive staff set out with the mission to produce and distribute an LBMA certified, 999.9 24Kt Gold Bullion bar in denominations of 1gram, 2.5gm, and 5gram that would be accessible to a wider number of people, who desired to acquire gold as a hedge against economic instability .. and to preserve a family’s future buying power.


Karatbars … A smart way to build Long-Term Wealth

True Global Wealth

We fast forward to 2016, and Karatbars International has become a global leader in the production and distribution of high-quality gold bullion in “fractional” denominations, for the general public.

Karatbars has open access to gold bullion, once reserved for only the worlds richest families … to now be possible for any person in over 100+ countries, who has the strong desire to build a foundation of financial stability and ong-Term wealth for themselves and as many people as they care to touch … through an extraordinary Referral Rewards Program.

As either a customer or an “Affiliate” of Karatbars International, you can earn Referral Rewards in the form of both cash and gold bullion, simply by helping other to become happily involved in setting u a Karatbars Gold Savings Account.

Stay tuned … we will have several artiicles on why Karatbars International is the smart option for building a sizeable portfolio in Gold Bullion, no matter what level you begin your savings.

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