Master Your Craft … daily disciplines to learn, sharpen, and refine skills

There are many lessons that I take from the life example of Muhammad Ali.


The 3 that I value most are:
– Master Your Craft |
– Follow Your Core InnerVision
– Persistence Through Adversity
Next Monday, we’ll review the importance of Following Your Core InnerVision …
but today, Let’s talk about “Mastering Your Craft”


I believe that many of us are playing too small in life… as though we’re promised some other opportunity to do this life over.

You may hear yourself and others use these expressions…

“As soon as I can get xyz in place, then I’ll really take action on my vision.”

“When such-and-such falls into place, then I’ll pursue my dream”

Today … I submit to you … that it is far better, and the “odds” actually favor us,

when we develop the internal discipline to work on our “craft” … EVERY DAY !

Three stages of growth on the path to MASTERY

If you are a playwrite, author, poet, spoken word artist…
If you are a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or other skilled craftsman…
If you are an inventor, scientist…
If you are a public speaker, community activist, motivational change-agent…
If you are a physician, educator, lawyer, sales/marketer, or in other professional sevices …

Then, we must apply “daily disciplines” to LEARN, SHARPEN, and REFINE the SKILLS of OUR CRAFT.

There are three seperate areas of growth that are required
to become a CHAMPION


(1) To continually SEEK TO LEARN a new skill or methodology in your craft (2) To put in the actual PRACTICE AND REPETITION necessary to SHARPEN that skill
(3) To apply the skill in a variety of scenarios, so that you can REFINE it … and achieve “mastery”
Take a look at the photos below and think about your own craft …

I doesn’t matter, whether you are a skate boarder, a brain surgeon, or a home-schooler.

Think deeply, about each area of the 3 growth areas described above, and apply daily disciplines in your particular “craft”… on your path to MASTERY.


(1) Continually seek to LEARN A NEW SKILL or METHODOLOGY in your craft.


Notice in this photo, the brilliance of a “skill” being practiced and refined.

The AMAZING thing to note, in this photo of Muhammad Ali,
is the “angle of approach”.

Ali has just left his right foot … has his weight on his left foot … but is body is “twisted-to-the-right” in preparation to release his right hand.

If you think that angle of attack is easy … Get up and try it … right now! (Actually move from-your-right-foot and land on your left, while twisting/arcing-right.)

You will see the brilliance of LEARNING A NEW SKILL or METHODLOGY !
Think to yourself …
What new method of approach can you apply to each area of the “craft” that you practice?

(2) Practice and REPETITION to sharpen your skills

Mentor With Mahdi


If we fail to adopt the discipline of Daily PRACTICE and REPETITION
then, our innervision will never manifest !

We’ve got to put in the “focused practice” … every day … for a set amount of time
to become a CHAMPION!!!

It’s not just “going-through-the-motions. It’s PRACTICE on a daily basis … Practice … that is “AS FOCUSED” as if your life depended on the outcome.



(3) Refine Your Skills

Mentor With Mahdi


How we practice, must become elevated far above “daily routine” or meer “muscle-memory”. We must become so “fluid” and “fluent” in our practice of skills, that they become an extension of our very LIFE.

Notice how Ali keeps perfect time and synchonicity on the speed-bag …
while looking at the camera.

The “bag” has become “ONE” … with Ali .
He is no longer “hitting it” … the bag is “following” his hand !!!




We must seek to go beyond “just-the-motions” in the pursuit of excellence in our chosen craft.

Look for new ways to get more RESULTS (quantity) or a greater level of results (quality) from the application of each technique in your chosen craft.
– continually SEEK TO LEARN a new skill or methodology in your craft.
– put in the Daily PRACTICE AND REPETITION necessary to SHARPEN that skill.
– apply the skill in a variety of scenarios, so that you can REFINE it
Don’t stop until you achieve your Core InnerVision.
We salute you, on your path to “Mastery”
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