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Leadership  … accelerates your own positive results.

It’s important to remind ourselves of how valuable our life story can be (and even our everyday experiences), for the next person.

From time to time, we all wish that someone would see our efforts, acknowledge our desire, and come to give us the boost that we need.

Now, however, I’m inclined to believe that there is a divine universal law that is in effect,
that increases the probability that we ATTRACT the positive outcomes in our own life,
the more that we find ways to help others …each and every day.


What special skills does it take to “mentor” others?
What “credentials” should you possess, before being qualified to give guidance?

The answer:   Not Much!
Certainly, nowhere NEAR what you or others might suggest your need.

The simplest way  to enact Leadership and Mentorship is by following the sage advice of the Honorable Mr. Jim Rohn….



(1) Make the commitment to personal development daily, and encourage others to do the same.
Find time to review a informational video, podcast. Attend a conference. Read a book.

This is the “study” part of the 3 part success formula written above.
That is the beginning of “leadership”

(2) Whatever you have learned today …
jot down a few notes, to really capture the esssence.

Then, take action on some aspect of what you just learned … TODAY.
Get on the phone, or on social media, and talk about it with someone …for re-inforcement.
This is the “practice” part, of the 3 part succes formula.

(3) Within 3 days time, do whatever it takes to SHARE what you have recently learned, by taking the “essence” of the message/skill and delivering it to as many people as you can, in an article, video, podcast, or Livestream
or any combination of these.

This is the “teach” part of   …”STUDY – PRACTICE – TEACH

The more that you TEACH, what you have learned, the more of a Person Of Influence you will become.
And your “influence” will turn you into someone who is widely sought out, by others!


We live in the 21st Century …
Each one of us has more personal computing power in our mobile devices, than the average computer, just 10 yrs ago.

One of the last “challenges” is to get people to understand that they don’t have to trade-time-for-a-paycheck anymore.

Getting people to “shift” from the drudgery of job-based income …
into complete “mastery over their own time and finances, with project-based income.

We all need income .. but not everyone needs a “job”.

It’s kinda like when millions of people kept saying things like …
– “the world is flat”, OR
– “the sun revolves around the planets” (instead of the other way around), OR
– “nobody can run the mile in under 4 minutes”, OR
– “job and income … are the SAME THING”

The BEST way to break any age-old, out-dated “mindset” is partner with other “like-minded” people and LEAD in your determination to build cash flow and monthly income without needing a job.

Get involved in a mastermind, and BECOME A LEADER in the effort to build income opportunities for yourself, and empower others with oportunity.

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