Creating Content, Developing A Powerful Message, and Knowing Your Audience

What is your Marketing Strategy

The way  that we are communicating with each other is changing
Text, social media, livestream,etc.

Most people  will only “give comment” or “share content”
that stimulates them …”emotionally”
Dont believe me??? … just look at social media posts
Watch the number of comments and shares for topics that are “Emotional”
versus topics that relate to business.

You may only get “likes” for information that is related to critical thinking, business, or entrepreneurship.
And yet,  for every male over the age of 16 on this planet …
CASH FLOW, really is … The Issue!

So, in developing your “message”,  it becomes increasingly important to
– Capture Interest in the first few seconds of your video message
– Use social media image posts that “re-direct” to content where people can get a CLEAR understanding of how your message, product, service
will have a positive impact on their growth

That means, that you MUST develop and refine a good marketing strategy, to find and capture the interest of those who “resonate” with your message

Understanding The NUMBERS


Most people  are not seasoned business builders…
Few have any real understanding of the “metrics” (numbers) necessary to build wealth in their chosen “income program”

Most people are working jobs,
and seeking “programs” that give the opportunity to build additional income.
Emotional appeal in your images, banners, pages, and videos
will produce greater initial response, because people are driven by “emotion”.

Most have never studied “break-even-point analysis” …
– what it takes to recoup their inital investment …
– what it takes to cover monthly business expenses and get to profit.

They simply want to “beleive” that there will be a way to return their initial investment.
This is why there are so many “funerals” in home-based businesses
and network marketing.

Having a clear understanding of the “numbers” that effect your income program
and having solid strategies to “scale-up” your revenue producing process …
is what distinguishes the part-time experimenter, from the full-time entrepreneur.

Building Your Online BRAND


Most people  are perfectly willing
to rely on plastering their company’s banners and pagelinks across the internet.
Few people have the UNDERSTANDING, or the DESIRE, to create content
that will distinguish them as people of influence in their industries.

They are not willing to stretch themselves to consistently deliver new information that educates their “would be prospects” about the benefits of their industry,
or about the benefits of generating your own cash flow.

90% of all network marketers are using the same ListBuild/TeamBuild “strategies” that were taught in the 1950’s with Amway.
Yes, they work … but we are in the 21st Century.

Let me give you a comparison that will make total sense to you.
A bicycle will certainly get you across town, but would you rather drive?
Does anyone still use “pagers”…. what about “telephone calling cards”?

Yet, most network marketers never think to establish a Blog, as their own permanent piece of internet “real estate” !
They find it “easier” to depend on splattering their company’s pagelinks across FB.

Using custom pages to attract viewers, capture their interest on your Opt-in form,
and re-direct them to more of your great content that they can find by links on your blog, is a powerful way of establishing yourself as a person of Influence.

Yes, you can still absolutely use FB, instagram, livestream, youtube as “nets”
to grab the attention of your audience…
But it is “access” to GREAT CONTENT (that YOU create) that makes YOU the person that they will want to partner with.

The path to becoming a Marketing Pro … is Creating Original Content and being a person of “Influence”.

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