Establish A Culture Of Entrepreneurship

Making Entrepreneurship A Mindset…
and A Culture

I and several of my associates are on a mission.

It is to push waaay beyond what we thought was possible in our lives, and not only build a phenomenal lifestyle for ourselves, but to also develop a “culture” where people can learn the keys to un-lock their inner-champion by

– associating with other progressive people who seek to live life on their own terms…
– concentrating on a set of activities that allow you realize success in some aspect of your life DAILY

We are building a Global Alliance centered around “Establishing A Culture of Enterpreneurship”

Entrepreneurship Develops Ingenuity and Promotes TeamBuilding

Being an entrepreneur means building an income that does not involve you trading time for money.
With true entrepreneurship, the amount of income earned for product or service delivered in the marketplace is NOT RELATED to how much time you spend in daily buisness activity.

So for example, and accountant, physician, or attorney, in private practice, does not necessarily fit the description of an entrepreneur.
Their earnings still involve a measure of their personal time, everyday, in the activity of their business.

True entrerpreneurship, is better measured by the increase in the amount of income earned, with a decrease in the amount of your personal time involved in generating that income.

Wean Yourself From Trading Time For Money

If you are currently working a job, then you will want to immediately put your ingenuity to work to develop an income stream, outside of your occupation.



Hammer that into your brain !!!

The faster tat you can free-up your time to reflect on what really matters, at your “inner-core” …
the faster you will be able to bring your “core inner-vision” into REALITY.

You Are Who You Associate With

This is a principle of Paramount Truth.

Who you associate with includes ….
– what you read
– what you listen to (music/audio)
– what types of video programming you watch.

Your life is the total of your experiences … over time.
To develop yourself as an entrepreneur, you must gain greater control over how you spend your wakeful hours.

Take Initiative … “Build Your Culture”

A Culture of Entrepreneurship
If your personal BRAND and your Life-Culture is a result of the environment that you choose durng your wakeful hours … then, why not “build your own Culture of Entrepreneurship” ?

Start A Movement … Develop Your Language

Developing a Blogsite and a YouTube Channel are two of the better ways to begin to Establish Influence Online.
With both blogging and producing videos, like anything else, the more you do an activity, the more comfortable you get at it.

Here is the important point …
Everytime you take the time to publish a blogpost related to your vision, you are actually writing/speaking your core inner-vision into REALITY.

Your words and the subjects of your blog articles, begin to paint a picture to the world, of WHO YOU ARE.
in time, you will find dozens of people whose visions and priorities are in alignment with yours.
This is where the magic of synergy begins.

Another way to increase your attraction in building a Culture of Entrepreneruship, is to start producing videos around the subjects that you are blogging about.
You will begin to get “subscribers” to your videos.
Exchanging your ideas with likfe-minded people,, is the best way to form a MasterMind Group of Action Takers, who you can partner with on income generating projects.

Focus Your Energy … and … SafeGuard Your Time
Work With The Ready and Willing

There is always be people in the world whose age, experience, mindset, and/or BELIEF SYSTEM make trading time-for-a -paycheck more comfortable for them.

These are NOT the people that we read about in the history books.
If you want to build a LEGACY, wyou will need to free yourself up, so that you can answer the core inner-visions that are calling YOU.

It will take ingenuity and teamwork to build an income stream that is not tied to your personal time.Z
Develop A Culture of Entrepreneurship …
and work with those who are ready and willing to partner with you to accomplish THEIR BIG DREAM.

Establishing A Culture of Entrepreneurship means Collaboration without Competition.

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