Blogging … Mind Over Money

Out of all the acts that you could perform on the internet,
“Blogging” gives you more benefits than any other activity … by a long margin!

I want you to have the proper “mental framing” when you think of blogging.
So … let’s review just a few of those benefits.

Blogging Helps You “Get Your Head Right”

There are so many wonderful aspects to blogging…

First-and-foremost, starting from the “inside” and working outwardly …

Blogging is a way for you to write/speak your core inner-vision” into reality

That is a powerful statement.

By choosing to look inward at what is most important to your life …
what you want to accomplish …
what you want to be known for …

As you blog about your core “inner-vision” … you are actually developing your mind’s ability to transform your most profound thoughts about what you feel your life should be like … into words.

Blogging Is Like Journaling

Through blogging … your friends, contacts and associates will be able to “follow” what your most important interests were … over time.

Your story of rise and fall, challenge and triumph, adventure and accomplishment …
can all be chronicled on your blogsite.
It’s your photo images … your video clips … your audio streams.

Blogging is a way of “immortalizing your story” in a digital record.

Blogging Is Your Gateway To Connect


Blogging and Video Blogging serve as a “Gateway”, giving you masive exposure on the internet.

Twitter … a micro-blog … limits you to 140 character snippets.

Facebook … a mini- blog … limits you to the 5,000 friends in your universe/profile .
Depending on your privacy settings or their privacy settings … perhaps NO ONE ELSE will seed your content.
Facebook posts are not recorded on Google or other search engines.

Your blogsite, on the other hand, is your piece of permanent, internet real-estate.

If you’re smart, your blogsite will be “hosted” on a server and you will own the access/rights to your content.
When you own yor content, youcannot be “censored”.
You are free to blog about absolutely ANY subject.

And … your content is visible to the 3 BILLION people online who can find your article through global search engines.

Blogging Builds Online Skillsets


Through the simple act of blogging, there are so many skills that will be developed…

Computer Literacy Skills
You delvelop the ability to compose thoughts using your computer.

Online Literacy Skills
Beyond basic email skills, you learn how to publish “content” on the internet
You also learn how the internet “ranks” your articles, and ways to increase your blog’s exposure online

Financial Management
Promotion … increases exposure, and exposure leads to sales
Your blogsite becomes another powerful tools to promote
and give massive exposure to the projects that are important to YOU.

Online Business Management
Developing a Global Blog Alliance, allows you to earn significant passive residual income … from blogging.

Your Global Blog Alliance …
Online Income From Blogging

Global Blog Alliance
One of the most elegant new developments is the ability to form a Global Blog Alliance and earn online income by partnering with other savvy business minded people who have ideas, products, services that THEY wantt to promote.

Forming a Global Blog Alliance is “Collaboration” at its BEST, without any hint of competition.

We all know brilliant people with awesome talent and great ideas that they really want to give massive exposure to.

Encouraging them to “own” their own blogsite, is a non-invasive, non-competing way to increase their online exposure, develop their skillsets, give them access to your online marketing mastermind, and allow you ALL to collaborate on the best ways to promote opnline for maximum returns on your investment in your individual blogsites.

My recommendation for building your own Global Blog Alliance starts with using the Empower Network as your blog platform.
For more information about the Global Alliance Project, using Empower Network as our blog platform …
Click Here > Global Alliance Project
Building “know/like/trust” online, and giving your ideas, projects, or business venture greater exposure, can all be accomplished with developing the habit of “blogging”.

Blogging is quite simply a matter of … Mind Over Money !

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