Focus On Personal Development … Your Daily Disciplines

Daily Disciplines

New Daily Disciplines Will SuperSize Your Results


As we moved forward into a new year, it is most important that we take an assesment of the assets that we have in our own hands that we can use to improve our affair.

For those who are seeking to make progress, I want to share with you a “secret” that I have found …
that yields massive results evry time I apply it.


Ok …. Here it is !

1 – Improve every aspect of your life by focusing on your Personal Development.

2 – Focus on your personal development… by implementing a “core” of new daily disciplines.


Daily Disciplines …
Most Important Vehicle For Change


Your Daily Disciplines are the most important aspect of our life !

Because, your daily dicsiplines are the only thing that you have complete control over,
by force of your sheer willpower.

We all have 24hours as our daily “potter’s clay”.
What we “sculpt” from each hour … with each day, has everything to do with the daily disciplines that we impose upon those hours.

Within the daily disciplines that we choose, lies the result of …

– the amount and type of stretching, yoga, tai chi, dynamic breathing, or other forms of meditative exercise that we do.
Its the “frequency” that’s most important … 10-15min EACH DAY is … “magical”.

– whether or not we take in fruits and raw vegetables in our daily nutrition plan.

It’s the daily discipline of our overall nutrition during the course of the week. On day at a time.

It’s the daily discipline of choosing a “book of the week”, and determining to read from it DAILY, until complete.
Reading greatly expands your vocabulary by borrowing from the vocabulary of others.

It’s the daily discipline of selecting a new skillset in your online communications …
and using that skill until it becomes part of your infinite knowlege base.

It’s the daily discipline of improving the quality of your conversations with family and associates.

Daily Disciplines …
The Gateway To Your Financial Growth

Dear friend … You can even develop a new set of daily disciplines that will help you to “create your own economy”, and vastly improve your economic reality !




Continually Refining Your Daily Disciplines Give You Greater Control Over Your Personal Growth





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